Shawn Monahan, the creator of Monsterpolish, started in the Marines, detailing cars as extra income in the eighties. After the Marines, Shawn became a professional bodyguard and continued as a detailer but specialized in commercial trucks, boats, rv's and aircraft. Unhappy with the cost and results of commercial polishes on the market Shawn used his background in chemical and mechanical engineering to construct a formula to use for his own projects. 

In 2013 Shawn trademarked Monsterpolish as a metal polish and sealant company. Since then he has built a company around the brand and established a small manufacturing and vintage restoration shop in Ketchum Idaho. In 2018 Monsterpolish moved it's manufacturing to Prescott AZ and presently manufactures and ships from the Arizona location.

Monsterpolish hit the market winter, 2016 and has been tested by online Airstream, Spartan, and vintage trailer groups. What makes Monsterpolish a great product is that it reduces the number of steps in the polishing process from 4-6 steps to 2 or even 1. Monsterpolish seals and finishes at the same time! Monsterpolish uses mostly natural ingredients, is not flammable, and much safer for the user and environment than top brand polishes. 

Monsterpolish also offers custom blend polishes, restoration services with several products in development. Monsterpolish is for polishers of all skill levels! Whether it's a vintage Airstream, RV, boat, aircraft or aluminum, Monsterpolish shines any visible surface made of metal, plastic or fiberglass!


Shawn Monahan- Owner and Creator of Monster Polish


Lisa Guinn- CFO